Heavy duty SCARA with ductless design

Heavy duty SCARA with ductless design

With an arm length of 850mm, a maximum payload of 20kg and an impressive repeatability of 0.03mm in the X-Y plane and 0.02mm in the Z-axis, Toshiba Machine’s TH850 SCARA robot from TM Robotics is extremely versatile. It is suited to a wide range of industries, from specialist food and pharmaceuticals applications through to larger palletising and packaging tasks.

The TH850 model offers a large working envelope of 320, significantly greater than most competitors. Exceptionally high linear and rotary speeds – 2000mm/s and 1147/s, respectively – can also be achieved, reducing standard cycle times to just 0.49s and offering manufacturers real productivity advantages.

“The TH850 offers a 10kg payload increase, compared to the next robot in the TH series,” explained Nigel Smith of TM Robotics. “This opens up a whole range of applications requiring repeatability and significant payload.”

The robot is supplied with Toshiba Machine’s TS2100 controller, which because it is both deterministic and PLC-based offer exceptional processing speeds and hence very rapid motion commands. It supports point-to-point, controlled path (both linear and circular), short-cut and arch motion. The controller also incorporates a TP1000 teach pendant, complete with a 5m cable, allowing users to program the robot’s motion using simple, intuitive guide keys.

Additionally, the TS2100 is equipped with a total of 70 external I/O, enabling control of other devices and complete automated systems within the manufacturing environment. Options such as I/O extensions, field-network connections and conveyor synchronisation are also available. Where PC-based control is used Toshiba Machine’s TSPC software can be used for programming.