Series IV AGVs

Series IV Vertical Roll Clamp Forklift AGVs
Designed for Roll Handling Applications. The Series IV Roll Clamp Automated Guided Vehicle transports loads up to 92 inches in diameter, with a deck clearance lift capacity of 288 inches and a load capacity of 2,800 lbs. The clamp allows for multi-roll handling.

Series IV Heavy Duty Conveyor AGVs
Designed for seamless load transfers to flow through racks and conveyors. The Series IV boasts a powered roller deck capable of handling loads up to 5,900 lbs. The optional dual roller deck model increases throughput by reducing the number of AGVs required by your operation.

Series IV Counter Balance ForkLift AGVs
Created for applications requiring a counter balance fork loading system. The Series IV Counterbalance AGV utilizes a hydraulic mast capable of reaching heights of 27 feet. The Series IV is also capable of transporting double stacked palletized loads, saving time and increasing throughput.

Series IV Electric Forklift AGVs
Designed with durability and strength in mind, the main frame is composed of structural steel with an epoxy based painted exterior that is resistant to most corrosive and environmental conditions. The Series IV needs a minimum amount of maintenance.

Series IV High Lift Automated Fork Truck AGVs
Built for high lift applications such as rack storage and warehousing. The Series Series IV High Lift Automatic Guided Vehicle usesĀ  a hydraulic mast purpose built for reaching heights of up to 24 feet. The Series IV AGV is robust and virtually maintenance free.