PAK’s automated guided vehicles are the final element in a fully automated packing environment and a key feature in a safe and productive palletising system. AGVs are automatically guided vehicles used to transport pallets safely and efficiently in a variety of production environments. Controlled via PAK’s unique navigation software our AGVs are well able to cope in the most demanding environments. PAK Automation has a range of industry standard vehicles and our engineers can design custom AGVs to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Automated Guided Vehicles

How Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems are Controlled
One popular way of controlling AGV Systems is laser guidance. Systems utilizing laser guidance provide unparalleled system flexibility. Vehicle guide paths can be altered, and pickup/drop-off points can added or eliminated quickly and easily. This is made simpler by the fact that laser-guided systems do not require the cost or hassle caused by drilling and/or cutting the floor while installing guidewire, magnets, or other passive targets…nor do they use less reliable methods such as adhesive guidance paths.

The vehicle features laser scanner which provides navigation capability anywhere in the facility. The laser scanner strobes the plant, sensing reflective targets mounted progressively on the walls of the plant. As soon as two or more targets are located, the vehicle determines the vehicles’ current location using a triangulation algorithm in the control software. The software also runs additional calculations that determine the vehicle’s path to the next pick or drop location.

As well as vehicles, PAK’s AGV system comprises management software and navigation and control systems to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vehicles in your working environment.

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Key Benefits

Thanks to its modular design the system is simple to install and easily adapted and scalable to future production needs:

•    extremely easy installation at customer’s site, that saves time and improves productivity
•    Compliance with safety rules and regulations Improvement of work environment and safety.
•    Less workers
•    Improvement of productivity and quality
•    Real-time control of material flow
•    Accurate management of material flow
•    Less time for distribution and buffering on floor
•    Faster information update
•    Economy in material management
•    Quick response to inquiry from production
•    Less space for transportation
•    Less damage on transporting goods
•    Improved management on product
•    Easy communication with other automatic devices such as automatic door and elevator
•    Increased adaptability and efficiency of transportation system
•    Others
•    Suitable for high grade clean room environment
•    Easy modification of plant
•    Increase of competitiveness
•    Suitable for modernization of production equipment

Find out how our expertise can help you

Since the mid-eighties PAK Automation has developed and implemented successful automated systems. We don’t just supply AGVs, we provide a ready-made solution for your logistics problems. Based on our experience and the expertise of our engineers PAK Automation is a partner that will help you boost productivity, improve safety and increase efficiency.