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Kawasaki YF03N Ultra High Speed Delta Robot


The YF03N Y-Series robot is an ultra- high speed delta robot with the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Kawasaki. The unique design is simple to program and operate and features industry leading payload capacity, reach and speed. High Payload Capacity: With a 3 kg payload capacity, this robot can pick & place various types of workpieces at …

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Robotic Palletising Cell For Cement Roof Tiles

By their nature cement roof tiles are awkward, heavy and hazardous to handle, lift and pack for delivery to customers. Health & Safety risks can lead to costly accidents both in terms of employee injury claims and product wastage from breakages. When this client sought help from Automation Robotics, the introduction of a Six Axis Palletising Robot (Model ZX 130L) …

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Dental Floss Pick and Place

Dental floss helps clean those hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and reduces the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay. When a leading floss manufacturer needed to quickly pack multiple containers in an overprinted blister pack, they called on Automation Robotics. The pick and place head shown, picks up 6 containers, from a conveyor, accumulates them back to back and extends to …

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Robotic Assembly Line for MCBs

PAK Automation¬† has recently completed the successful installation of a Toshiba 4 Axis Scara Robot model TH350. The Toshiba Robot was selected for this high speed assembly task due to its exceptional repeatable accuracy and its compact size which enabled us to locate the robot inside one of the stations on an existing automatic assembly machine. The line has 38 …

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Automation Cell for Bottled Diagnostic Reagents

Automation Robotics recently completed the successful installation of a Toshiba Scara Robot. The model SR-424-HSP is part of a cell for filling, capping and labelling containers. The robot can pick six different sizes with capacities up to 120ml. The containers are taken from a puck used in the upstream operation for filling capping and labelling containers. The puck is gated …

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Small Footprint Palletising Cell

Small footprint, high speed palletising cells ideally suited for high volume, high repetition product lines, in a 3 or 2 shift environment. Automation Robotics has developed a unique high speed palletising cell ideally suited for the Food Processing Industry, in particular for packing and palletising chilled/frozen products. The system uses an industrial robot on a skid mount heavy duty base, …

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Robotic Palletising Cell for 15 kg boxes

Lifting heavy packs presents a Health & Safety risk, palletising can raise other significant problems with employees claiming for injuries that could be avoided. The introduction of a Kawasaki palletising robot can not only reduce the Health & Safety risk but also improve your line efficiencies and produce a neater pallet. PAK Automation¬† recently completed the successful installation of a …

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Robot Cell for loading an Automatic Flywheel Press

PAK Automation UK recently completed the successful installation of a Kawasaki Six Axis Robot model Fs 20N for a healthcare manufacturing company running a three shift cycle. The Kawasaki Robot in this cell was designed by PAK Automation UK for picking and placing sealed blister packs which have been sealed on an RF Welder and transferred to a servo driven …

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Robotic Palletising Cells for Ready Meals Producer

PAK Automation UK recently won a major contract with a Global Food Company who manufacture Ready Meals. The Project was awarded to PAK Automation to supply and install four complete systems amidst stiff competition but the small footprint of the systems as well as the highly reliable Kawasaki FD50 Palletising Robot provided the necessary solution for this demanding client. The …

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Assembly Machine for Mobile Phone Screens

PAK Automation UK recently completed a project for a well known manufacturer of mobile phones. The order involved the assembly of five machines for the production of mobile phone screens. The screens are placed in a jig by the operator and the pick and place picks the screen and places them accurately onto a gasket which is indexed under the …

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