Kawasaki 250 Kg Robot

Kawasaki 250 Kg Robot

With the success of their ZD range of robots being widely used in palletising and handling applications, Kawasaki Robotics has introduced the new ZD 250S model which extends the loading capability of the robot range from a previous maximum of 130 Kg up to 250 Kg.

Robots are becoming extremely important in palletising and handling applications because of their ability to consistently handle and stack pallets, bags, crates and boxes in an accurate and repeatable way.

Producers using manual labour are finding that goods that are stacked in an erratic way are unceremoniously rejected by their customers because of the major inefficiency problems that this causes with truck loading and warehouse storage.

The robot offers an immediate solution to this problem, as once programmed, will perform its handling tasks 24 hours a day, with consistent and highly accurate product stacking.

The new ZD 250S operates in 4 axis, with a working range of 1,800 x 1,600 x 2,200mm, handling up to 850 cycles per hour. Different hands can be fitted to the robot articulated arm to accommodate handling of different containers, bags, boxes, pallets, etc.

The robot control system is easily programmed and allows stacking in a variety of patterns including side-by-side or stacked in column, interlock or pinhole.

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