Kawasaki robot for smaller packages

Kawasaki robot for smaller packages

New from Kawasaki is the FD50N robot specifically developed for a payload capacity of 50kg., making it ideal for palletising and packaging applications for small and medium-sized parts.

Designed to be compact, mainly due to its neatly packaged arm the robot is ideal for box top loading and similar smaller package palletising applications. Its small build also allows the robot to be sited in a variety of positions, including ceiling mounting.

The FD50N robot has many other advantages, including a larger work envelope that any other supplier offering 2640mm for 800 x 1200 (D x W mm) palletising, 1810mm for 1200 x 800 (D x W mm). It also performs with the longest reach of its class at 2104mm.

The robot also has a 5th axis of movement covering +/-10 degrees, allowing additional complicated procedures during or after the palletising process.

With all of these features, the new FD50N robot provides a high throughput capacity, its compact size and a work envelope suiting a wide range of applications with smaller palletising applications.