Super SCARA, improved aesthetics, extends array of robots

Super SCARA, improved aesthetics, extends array of robots

A new Toshiba Machine SCARA robot has been released in the UK and European markets. Called the TH250A, it offers improved speed compared to existing robots in the range, providing quicker cycle times allied to high levels of accuracy.

The robot is based on a previous SCARA, the Toshiba Machine TH250 and replaces it in the range. However the new, more cost effective, model represents a significant visual improvement compared with the old version.

The robot will find applications in the general manufacturing industry as well as in electronics, plastics, packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive component handling and food. Uses could include test and assembly and placing small components, secondary packaging or laboratory handling. The new SCARA features absolute encoders as standard, dispensing with the need for a home return function, a payload of up to 3kg and repeatability of+/-0.01mm.

“The TH250A represents a triumph of product design,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director of TM Robotics. “Aesthetically it’s superior to anything available on the market. While this might seem unimportant, simple and clean design can make a robot appear easier to use and less daunting. Our objective is to encourage businesses that might not yet have considered robot automation to do so now. Given that this robot already offers improved functionality and more competitive pricing, the enhanced appearance is a further step towards this goal.”

The TH250A features a built in PLC which, regardless of robot operation and program, can control I/O equipment. It can be programmed using a ladder sequence program and, as an option, can feature devicenet or Profi-bus connectivity. A further option is the Toshiba Machine teach pendant, an external switch pad that can be used to direct the robot through a sequence of movements.

The Toshiba Machine robot range will now extend from the TH-250A, which has an arm length of 250mm, through the general purpose SCARAs with arm lengths between 450mm and 1050mm, up to the large palletising SCARA with a 1950mm reach and a payload of up to 70kgs.