New Toshiba SCARA has longest reach in class

New Toshiba SCARA has longest reach in class

The latest addition to the highly successful range of SCARA robots from TM Robotics has a reach of 1,050mm, which, together with a maximum payload capacity of 20kg, makes the new TH1050 one of the most versatile machines in its class.

The robot is suitable for a variety of manufacturing applications, and other key features include high operating speeds with maximum z-axis linear and rotational speeds of 2,000mm/s and 1,147/s respectively.

The TH1050 is a four-axis horizontal multi-joint robot. Like other models in the TH range, it offers an exceptionally large working envelope of 320, and features a compact ductless design. The elimination of the external cable duct found in many less advanced products is a particularly important benefit in applications where space to install the unit is restricted.

For use with the TH1050, TM Robotics supplies the TS2100 control system, which supports point-to-point, controlled path (linear and circular), short-cut and arch motion. This is complemented by the hand-held TP1000 teach pendant, which provides users with a convenient, and intuitive method of programming motion sequences.

Alternatively, programming can be carried out with a standard PC running the TSPC software package which TM Robotics offers as an optional accessory.

An additional benefit of the TS2100 control system for use with the new TH1050 robot is its integrated programmable controller (PLC) functionality. This means that, in addition to controlling the robot, the TS2100 can be used to provide control for other devices. In many applications, this eliminates the need for a separate PLC and allows substantial cost savings to be made.