New Kawasaki Robot for spray painting

New Kawasaki Robot for spray painting

Kawasaki Robotics has introduced the new ‘K Series’ of explosion-proof painting robots with a line-up of eight models to cover work from small to large.

Four basic types of robot are available from the KF121 for small work to the KE610 for the automotive inner and outer chassis painting. A variety of wrists with up to 6 differing axes movement of roll or bend offer further flexibility of use. A choice of robot for all applications and installations.

All robot arms are fitted with built-in hoses as standard. Internally fitting the hoses minimises the opportunity of mist and spray sticking to piping and from dust being attracted to the workpiece. These internal hoses are either 40 mm or 70 mm in diameter.

Kawasaki Robotics are not new to painting as they have gathered 30 years of experience and use this knowledge to put together a high performance robot that will match every need.

So whether it’s a mobile phone case or an executive car, Kawasaki can supply the right painting robot package to do the job efficiently and meeting the best product finish quality.