Kawasaki launch compact and high-speed robot

Kawasaki launch compact and high-speed robot

Kawasaki launch the FS03, a compact and high-speed robot.

The new FS03 from Kawasaki is a compact multi-purpose robot designed as a portable model at the smaller end of the range. Despite its size, the robot is an advanced 6-axis arm and boasts the highest speed in its class, being some three times faster than the previous FS02 model with a higher payload of 3kg.

Weighing an easy-to-handle 20kg and with a footprint of only 17 x 21.5cm, the FS03 in conjunction with its ultra-compact D 70 Controller will operate from a single phase 240 volt supply giving it extra flexibility in use.

Three main axes and three wrist axes deliver 6-axis performance and all offer superior high-speed operation coupled with high reliability and high precision to ensure that they can withstand the most stringent operating conditions required of industrial robots.

Achieving an industry standard cycle test of typically 0.4 – <0.5 sec, the robot can be stationed in most operating positions including floor, wall or ceiling mount making it ideal for many demanding tasks such as assembly, handling and inspection of small components. It is also suitable for research and educational applications.

Constructed to be compatible with Class 10 clean room operation and IP67 wash-down variants, the robot has already found success in the assembly of small delicate parts in the electronics industry, handling pharmaceutical products plus fast and accurate machine tool loading.