Cleanroom application solution from Kawasaki

Cleanroom application solution from Kawasaki

Kawasaki Robotics has developed a series of cost-effective cleanroom robots dedicated to the semiconductor flat panel screen and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The four different series offer models with horizontal articulation, telescopic and vertical multi-axis movement. This extensive choice of positioning from the robots allows wafers or panel displays to be handled at virtually any angle.

All models are constructed to be compatible with either Class 1 or 10 (FS209E) cleanroom operation and cover handling from very small to very large and heavier objects, all at high speeds.

The NS series is a horizontal articulated arm robot designed for handling silicon wafers and with its flexibility in configuration, is ideal for applications involving cassette stations, equipment front ends, inter-equipment and intra-equipment material transfer.

For transporting large-sized panel displays, the telescopic type robot, TL series is the solution with its capability of handling from 680 x 880mm up to 1000 x 1500mm large PDP glass sizes.

The TS series robot combines a horizontal articulated arm with a choice of telescopic vertical positioning over 380mm to 1590mm.

The FC series is a compact, six-axes high-performance robot having a 3 degrees of freedom wrist with compound movement profile making it possible for handling of objects at virtually any angle. Its flexibility in movement makes it highly suitable for complex moves in the cleanroom environment in assembly or work placement and removal.

With payloads available from 2 Kg to 60 Kg, this comprehensive range of cleanroom robotic units allows Kawasaki to cover the majority of applications that arise in the cleanroom production area.